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Scalderhurst is a large, independent whole sale paper merchant selling to national/international paper merchants and trading companies. With over 15,000 tonnes of sheets and reels in stock we are able to meet most of your paper requirements.

Currently we have over 10,000 square metres of warehousing containing our stock and conversion facilities for Amberset our trade converters in sheeting, rewinding, guillotining and repackaging.  This gives us the opportunity to service almost any order, whether it is standard or bespoke.

Scalderhurst trades in side-run, over make, spot tonnage and stock lots from a variety of sources as well as B grade, clearance, redundant stock and fully mill guaranteed A grade. For complete confidentiality Amberset is able to neutrally pack and re-label orders to a customer’s own specifications.
With Scalderhurst leading the way in merchant sales and Amberset in conversion the group has a lot to offer all customers.

  Tel: +44 (0) 1233 840711      Email: info@scalderhurst.co.uk